Four Steps to Happiness
Four Steps to Happiness
Four Steps to Happiness


 A Resolution

The river rushes forward, unhindered by the frigid air; pressing at it’s banks with righteous fury, threatening to overthrow it’s master and surge over into civilized land.  It is a terror of nature: those unfortunate souls who fall into it’s fathomless depths are tumbled down into a watery grave.  Ever onwards runs the course flowing from a tiny stream in the distance down into the menace that races beneath my feat, under the bridge, and then away off into a little stream again, before it disappears into the horizon.  There is something about nature, that calls to me with words that I cannot express to the ordinary human; no, you must experience it for yourself.  No mortal tone or voice can reproduce the powerful effect of nature over this muscle and flesh; nothing else can compare to the sooting solitude that washes over my soul within it’s wild embrace.

And so I stand: contemplating profound philosophical perspectives of human existence: what are we but distant specks on that mighty rolling river of life, rushing from horizon to horizon in tepid frenzy, as much in control of personal destiny as is the literal speck on the water; simply along for the ride.  Existence is what you make of it.  How well you roll with the punches and your proficiency at dancing in the rain defines how happy you will be.  There is no magic pill or secret to life.  There is no shortcut to happiness; no amount of anything can make you happier than how happy you yourself choose to become.  And continuously choose to be from that ultimatum onwards.

Welcome to the best year of your life; a year packed all the way up to the top and overflowing — full of whatever you want it to be. Every new second offers a fresh start: Today is the day to plant your flag deep into the sacred ground of your wildest dreams and make them all come true.  Don’t settle for anything less than everything.  You have wasted too many pointless years of futile labor towards worthless endeavors; too many tears on unworthy recipients who slapped your love down into the mud like nothing.

The time to change all of that is now.  No more obsessing over temporary pains and tripping up over the past.  Time to look forwards into tomorrow through the eyeglass of optimism.  Stake your claim on your own happiness and don’t budge nor retreat a single inch: come what may — let deaths final throes write your white knuckles but not loose them from holding that blessed banner of your own stitching.

Step One: You Make the first Step

The first step into freedom is letting go of your chains; allowing them to drop off of your wrists. Yes, it is a choice — no one is holding you back except yourself.  Your knuckles are white from your own squeeze and no one else’s.  And they have held a death grip for far too long.  There is a reluctance in the human soul towards mental independence; instead we seek out imprisonment from others.  We become slaves to the affirmation of those around us- and refuse to be comfortable in our own skin.

Step Two: Stop Caring What Others’ Think

Step two is to stop caring what anyone else thinks. You are you, and you shouldn’t change for anything or anyone: not him not her not your mom or your old man — no one at all.  Be what you want to be: be who you want to be, and do not compromise.  Let judgement and condemnation roll off of your uncaring brow like the morning dew.  Stretch out into the fresh air and breathe in freedom so pure and sweet that it seeps all the way down to your toes as the kick against the grass.  Enjoy your own self for exactly who you are and do not bend that self to the ideology or ideas of anyone else.  Thats it.

Step Three: This One’s Your Call

Step three is to do what you want to do.

Feel like quitting that suffocating job? Go ahead.  Life has a way of turning topsy-turvy and then right side up again at all the right times.  Don’t worry, you’ll land on your feet.  Take a risk and you’ll reap the benefits of personal satisfaction.  Take a trip- travel; see the world in your own backyard or across the globe.  Anything.  If that’s what makes you tick and brings you enjoyment- go out and do it regardless of the haters.

Step Four: Love Life

Step four: love your life.  Period. It’s just as easy as that. Doesn’t matter what happens.  Doesn’t matter how much your mundane day-to-day sucks you dry and is miserable.  If you want there to be a silver lining, you’ll find one.  If you want to be happy, than you will be.

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