Here’s to a Great Tomorrow
Here’s to a Great Tomorrow

Warm weather and sunshine never fails to provide inspiration for me. Not so the wintery months. Despite protest, the cold sends my creativity scampering quickly through the snowdrifts into hibernation and sinks my artistic ambition into a latent shivering state.  I find this lack of inspiration a little bit sad- because there certainly is beauty in the snow and the stillness.  But that’s just the way it is, and probably always will be to a certain extent.  I am fueled by sunshine and I dream in spring colors.  When the ice begins to thaw and melt, my creativity emerges through the soil like the first tulips.  I spent just about this entire past weekend outside.  Because of that, I took more images in the past two days than I have probably taken during the entirety of winter.  I guess in all of this I’m trying to relate that at the end of the day- no matter how much I love barreling down a mountain strapped onto a thin sheet of fiberglass riding the drifts and carving through fresh powder, nothing can compare to a warm breeze gently rustling the trees and my hair.

I decided to create a “summer declaration,” of sorts- a public announcement that this summer will be the best summer of my life.  Last year, I decided that I would re-enroll in school, and live life hard and adventurous for the rest of my life, particularly so until my military contract ended and reality finally catches up with me.  This summer just so happens to fall right smack dead in the middle of that timeline.  So the pressure is on to make this one rocking and awesome year.Here’s what I plan to do:

1.   Live like there is no tomorrow.

No, I don’t mean to go out and get wasted.  But I do mean to try good, dark, local brews that are so strong they’ll knock your boots off and then your socks too.  Appreciate the small things, all of them- and they’ll add up into one behemoth of enjoyment.  Life isn’t about the huge events; rather, it’s about all the little stuff.  Like good haircuts or smoothies on a hot day.

2.   Take photographs all the time.  Obviously.  

Although, this could relate to any serious passion.  The point is to get out and do what you love to do.  And do it often.  Sometimes, it’s hard for me to drag my lazy self around to do what I know will bring me a tremendous amount of satisfaction.  But that first step is always so hard.  It’s good to commit to doing what you love.

3.   Swim as often as I can, preferably in the ocean, but I will substitute lakes, rivers, etc.

When I think back over past summers, a lot of my memories are of the DAR state forest or down the Cape or in Maine.  Although I am not a great swimmer, I do love the water.  Something about the power of water draws me to it.  It’s a world where humans aren’t necessarily built to go into.  That’s awesome.

4.   Travel.  Another obvious one.

There is nothing better than traveling.  I intend to head up into Vermont, Canada, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and then the head down on a tour with a few rock and roll bands.  I know.  Awesome!

5.   Explore Cape Cod.

Specifically, I’d like to find some imposing and towering cliffs with rocks at the bottom and surf exploding into foam and the seagulls swooping.  I’ve got the scene in my mind all composed.  Don’t ruin my dreams and tell me otherwise.

6.   Venture into the Pioneer Valley farming community, and photograph all of it.

I’m going to purposefully document the Pioneer Valley and hopefully, to connect with some local farmers and see if they will allow me to come onto their property and create an art project.  I’m pretty excited!

7.   Love my family.

I just need to do a better job.  There is nothing more important that family at the end of the day.  Literally, nothing.  People on their deathbeds never say with their dying breath that they wished they didn’t see as much of their wife or parents or kids.  No, there isn’t anything more important than family.

8.   Reconnect with friends who I’ve let slip away in recent months.

This one sorta goes hand-in-hand.  When busyness comes knocking, I cut ties with friends first.  Which is sad.  I shouldn’t do that, because I love my friends.  All of them.  Curse my distracted nature.  I’ve gotta reconnect.

9.   Stay up to late.

Studies have proven that staying up later is best for creativity.  Because the chemicals released when tired are the same as those released when you’re feeling super creative.  Awesome.  I need to stay up to create.  Or to binge-watch Game of Thrones.

10. Wake up too early.

See the sunrise.  Go for a run.  Read.  Good things happen early in the morning.

That about sums it up: here’s to a great spring and summer!  

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