Iceland: Rugged and Gritty
Iceland: Rugged and Gritty
Iceland: Rugged and Gritty

A Rugged Climate

Iceland is a rugged, tough island, surprisingly accessible to tourists.

The landscape is other worldly because of past volcanic activity. When I was there, it rained a lot.

Especially when days are short in the winter months, it can be a tough place to live; darkness compounds the rugged landscape.

To capture that ruggedness, I brought a 2004 Nikon camera converted to full-spectrum on a trip recently. The camera doesn’t create “beautiful” photos. Instead, they’re raw and gritty.

This idea came to me while perusing through the many “perfect” photos of Iceland online.

It’s a photographer’s mecca, and rightly so — the landscapes are breathtaking. But at the same time, it’s also incredibly harsh. All of those images don’t capture that, because the images are so well produced.

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