Beautiful Things
Beautiful Things
Beautiful Things

I like when the knife is covered in sticky fluff, and the peanut butter jar is swirled white. That’s a beautiful thing.

My apartment is usually a mess. I can’t keep anything organized. It’s beautiful when someone helps.

There’s something about grey canvas car seats that perfectly balance golden hair blowing in the window breeze, red toenails on the dashboard, and blue eyes reflecting outside is beautiful.

A warm brownie is best served with a generous scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream from Herrell’s Ice Cream on Old South Street in downtown Northampton. A short walk up the hill from the parking garage is a beautiful thing.

I’ve never been to Disneyland, but I don’t think it’ll ever be as beautiful as a crooked barn squatting in the middle of a potato field.

There aren’t many things more beautiful than a box fan pulling cool rain through a double hung window.

Grass stains are almost as beautiful as campfire smoke lingering on your favorite sweater days after vacation has ended.

Cornstalks through a camera’s viewfinder always looks more beautiful than real life.

When I was young the Hadley Walmart was a strip mall featuring “Dave’s Soda and Pet Food City”; now it’s called “Dave’s” and you can’t smell manure anymore.

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