Franklin County: 2017 in Photographs
Franklin County: 2017 in Photographs
Franklin County: 2017 in Photographs

Whately. Taken on the day the earth stood still


Trees in Whately.

Greenfield. 2017

Greenfield at sunset.

Conway cattle

Cattle grazing in Conway.


Morning sunlight in Deerfield.

Roaring Brook Road Conway

Roaring Brook Road in Conway.

Chapel Brook Ashfield

Chapel Brook in Ashfield.

Mount Sugarloaf

The view from Mount Sugarloaf before a storm.

Montague Barn

An old barn on Meadows Road in Montague.

Zerah Fiske Road Shelburne

Sheep graze just off Zerah Fiske Road in Shelburne.

Cricket Hill Conway

A beaver pond off Cricket Hill Road in Conway.


Dramatic light Sunday morning overlooking Pumpkin Hollow in Conway.

Ashfield Lake

A house across from the Ashfield Lake.

Green River

The Green River Swimming Area in Greenfield.

River Road Deerfield

A rural scene just off River Road in Deerfield.


A diamond in the rough just over the Sunderland and Montague line.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College.

Shelburne Falls

Glacial potholes in Shelburne Falls covered in snow.


Farm in Montague

A farm in Montague.



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