Self Portrait. About Andy Castillo.

Self Portrait. 2016.

Andy Christian Castillo

Before becoming a journalist and travel writer, Andy worked a variety of jobs.
In 2010, he stepped into the commercial art industry as a caricaturist at Six Flags New England, where he worked for about three summers.
Around the same time, Andy joined the Air Force as a firefighter. Later, he became an EMT and earned an associates degree in fire science from the Community College of the Air Force. In 2013, he deployed to Bahrain and discovered an interest in travel.
A few years later, in 2016, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in English. Post college, he became a travel writer, and worked as a cameraman and news producer at a local news station.

Travel, Exploring and Brews

When he’s not writing, Andy enjoys powerlifting; writing; travel; local craft brews; urban exploring; and running through the rain.
On a more personal level, Andy is one of eight boys. Notably, all of those boys were homeschooled from kindergarten through high school. They grew up in small blue house around a corner on Pine Brook Curve in Northampton.
Currently, he’s a graduate MFA student in Bay Path University’s creative nonfiction writing program. He also works at The Recorder, a small regional newspaper in Franklin County. When not reporting, he is a staff writer at GoNOMAD Travel.
From an educational standpoint, he has professional training as a writer, photographer, and journalist. He’s traveled to about 15 countries so far.

El Rancho Del Rey

El Rancho Del Rey, which is translated as “The House of the King,” is a home for street kids in Monterrey, Mexico. I’ve been there a few times. A piece of my heart is still there.
The boys who stay at the Ranch come from from difficult home-life situations, and are desperately in need of caring attention. They find love at the Ranch, given by dedicated staff members, and are provided a safe, nurturing place to grow up.
While there, they have a chance to get a good education.
The Ranch has impacted millions of people over the years. Recently, a graduate of the home ran for president of Mexico.
I include this brief introduction to the Ranch because it’s an incredibly good ministry, which is always close to my heart.
For those looking for a place to volunteer or give to, I suggest reaching out to El Rancho Del Rey.
More information can be found at