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Advice from a 23 Year Old

Make this life count for something!      My list of twenty-three things that every […]

Grow Like the Maple

Flagstaff, Arizona      Each man is a tiny seed at birth; insignificant and in […]

Towards My Future Love

Bern, Switzerland      Oh to sing with that mortal throng: the angelic diffidence of […]

My Christmas Day

At the blue house with white trimming and holiday cheer brimming from out under the […]

They have Now Come Home

From the Welcome Home gathering of the 747th MP Battalion      The gymnasium is […]

Living for Today

the moment that we start attributing God’s will to our desires- is the moment we […]

Here’s to You America

It’s funny- whenever I travel, there are two things that must always happen: one, I […]

Las Vegas Holds No Charm

Las Vegas holds no charm to me; no decadent merchant for my pleasure.  I see […]

The First Snow and Footprints

All is quiet except for thought.  I breathe in silence so loud that it hurts- […]

Spinning Tires

Nothing but trees- blasted trees, as far as the eye can see; blanketed in white, […]